About us

At Newport Presbyterian Church, we're all about Jesus.

Our dream is to see more people worshiping Jesus in church on Sunday. Pittwater Presbyterian is a Church with a mission to connect people to the life, love and freedom Jesus offers.

Our Beliefs

The Resurrected Jesus is the centre of our Church. We preach Christ crucified for our sin, in our place , and we seek to live a life to please him. We believe that the bible is the word of God and it is at the centre of our songs, prayers and messages. We believe that Jesus conquered death and we look forward to his return and of being with him forever.

What does Presbyterian Mean?

We are part of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

The word Presbyterian comes from the Greek word Presbuteros (πρεσβύτερος ). This word simply means ‘elder’. Therefore as a Presbyterian Church we have elders who have oversight of everything that happens in our Church to provide accountability and care for our people.

Our Team & Elders:

Helen Rawlings

Session Clerk

Helen was a wife, mother of 3 daughters, Infants school teacher and involved in ministry and music until her retirement. She’s still a wife and mother involved with ministry and music, but now also enjoys reading, walking, spending time with friends and loves caring for her 2 grandsons.

Adam Lamb

Ministry worker

Watch this space

Phil Rawlings

Elder & Retired Minister

Phil Rawlings, came to Pittwater, with his wife and 3 young daughters, straight out of Moore College, in 1991 and was soon ordained and inducted into the parish. Phil retired in 2014 and has stayed on in the Church as an Elder and Treasurer.

Ian Nicholas


I attended Epping Presy when I was younger and came to Pittwater in 2010. I was made an Elder in 2020. In 2021 I  married Janet.

Judith Baker


Hi, I started attending Pittwater Presy in 2018. I’ve always been interested in World Missions and the Presbyterian Women’s Association. I became a Elder at Pittwater in 2020. 

Duncan Anderson


Duncan and his wife Jo moved to Manly along with a somewhat unusual bunch of kids early in 2018. Prior to this Duncan was the Pastor at Gateway Presbyterian Church Anna Bay. Duncan studied for the ministry at Christ College Sydney .​