Overseas Ministries

We support overseas mission.

Overseas situations or missionaries are often included in prayers during our services. 10% of our annual income is set aside to support word Missions. Have a browse below of who we support:

Mick Alley in Northern Kenya

We support Mick Alley in Northern Kenya. He works with Mission Samburu. They evangelise, equip and empower the Samburu through discipleship, education, church planting and supporting physical needs. 

Steve and Naomi

Steve and Naomi do bible translation work – now based in Australia and translating the Bible into the L****** language.

They have completed the New Testament and Genesis, Exodus and Joshua and are currently doing the rest of the Old Testament. They also hope to do tracks and bible studies on the Scripture. They have published the Scriptures as a printed book, also on Google play store and as a web site.

Please ask Phil if you’d like to know more.

Pervaiz Family

The Church supports the Pervaiz family who are Christian refugees from Pakistan currently trapped in Kathmandu , Nepal , with no means of support. They have been accepted to go to Canada but this has been delayed and our Congregation has decided to help them to make ends meet while they are waiting for this door to open.