Our Ministries

We are outreach minded.

Ordinary people, with an extra-ordinary God.

Upcoming Events

We’ve got a number of ministries we run at Pittwater Presbyterian Church. As a local church in Newport, we’re always looking to reach people with the gospel. Have a look through our Upcoming Events page to learn more about events you can come along to.

School Scripture

We are involved in the local primary schools teaching Scripture. The Presbyterians and Anglicans combine to teach Primary and Infants Scripture at Newport and Bilgola Plateau Schools. It’s a wonderful opportunity to tell the children about Jesus.

Scripture is on Tuesday afternoons and the lessons go for ½ an hour. We are always looking for those who are willing to be part of this wonderful opportunity.

Overseas Ministry

We value supporting overseas ministry. Every Sunday we include prayer for the world at our 8-9a.m prayer time. Overseas situations or missionaries are also often included in prayers during our services. 10% of our annual income is set aside to support word Missions.

The Gideons

We have 2 members who are Gideons and we have had representatives come and speak. While Gideons are often recognized for their work with hotels, they also place and distribute Scriptures in many strategic locations throughout our communities so they are available to those who want them, as well as to those who may not know they need them.

Jericho Road

We have a food drive once a year to support the work of Jericho Road – the welfare arm of the wider Presbyterian Church.