Our Messages Over The Next Few Months

In our current sermon series Jeff is bringing to us some messages on the Christian Disciplines. His last message was on Simplicity and Service. You can watch this message online. On Sunday Sunday, 18th June, the topic will be: Fasting and Frugality from Matthew 2:18-22; 6:16-23.

Phil is working his way through Daniel. This Sunday, 11th June, his message will be from Daniel 4: The Vilest Offender Who Truly Believes.

Over the next month Jeff and Phil will continue their message themes. Jeff preaching about 2/3 of the time.

A copy of the Preaching Program is attached. The only change to this program is that instead of Alex Shaw from Global Recordings on 23rd July, Jeff will show a video of a message from a well respected speaker: More details later.

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